Slabs without beam with spheres or discs®

A lightened structure with a total absence of beams.

A patented construction method that consists in reinforced concrete slabs without beams, which are lightweight due to the use of recycled plastic discs or spheres.

It generates great savings by reducing the consumption of concrete by up to 30% and steel by 20%. At the same time, it ensures the necessary plasticity to absorb static and dynamic loads such as seismic load and wind force due to the collaboration between façade partitions, slabs and core.

The structural behavior and calculation method used for Prenova slabs is identical to that of a solid slab. On-site load tests have proven to have a higher resistance to bending and deformation compared to solid slabs, due to the reduction in self-weight.

Prenova Discs

Prenova Discs

Prenova Spheres

Prenova Spheres

Different slab thicknesses for 5 to 16 m spans

Esfera Prenova

Slabs with discs

From 28 cm to 42 cm

Disco Prenova

Slabs with spheres

From 15 cm to 28 cm



Slab floors and roofs

PRENOVA plateas



Slabs on terrain


Sustainable Construction

Reduction of CO₂, per 10,000 m² built.

1,000 m³ of concrete are saved, which is equivalent to 220 tons of carbon dioxide that we stop breathing.

Using Prenova scores for LEED certification, supporting our commitment to sustainability.

Spheres and discs made of recycled material

The material used is a waste product that pollutes the environment. We recycle it to produce the spheres and discs, which are lost within the mass of the concrete.

Proa Building

Vicente López

The building was developed from a reinforced concrete structure, with the floor plan being characteristic of slabs without beams. 

Use of Prenova adds points towards certification
LEED, supporting our commitment to sustainability.


Concrete Savings


Steel Saving

Designing the future of development.