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Technology and innovation applied to architecture


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Why choose Prenova?

Prenova is a sustainable construction system, worldwide patented by architect Ricardo Levinton and associates.

After years of studying bone structures and honeycomb patterns, they discovered how to apply this geometry to hollow concrete structures with high strength (biomimicry).

The result was a beamless, column-reduced, and adaptable structure with large spans and overhangs, resistant to earthquakes.

The Prenova system enhances structural strength while weighing only 60% of a traditional system. It achieves this by incorporating recycled pressurized plastic spheres and discs to create voids within the concrete. These components are locally manufactured in existing factories worldwide.

Climate protection with Prenova

0 %
Savings in concrete up to
0 %
Savings in steel up to
0 %
Savings in manpower up to

Reduction of concrete consumption and decrease in CO₂ emissions

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