Precast ON-SITE

Precast panels and slabs of reinforced concrete, ultra-fast construction.

The Combinable Precast System is based on the battery moulding of solid reinforced concrete panels or panels with expanded polystyrene core or lightened with Prenova plastic discs.

They are assembled through assembly with cranes welding like a meccano, the panels to each other, through iron platens arranged at the ends. They can also be strained together by means of standby irons at the edges. As a result, we obtain a traditional structure in the shortest time, thermal insulation without thermal bridges and hydraulics.

It is ideal for Housing Developments, schools, industrial buildings and prisions.

The molds are specifically designed to fit each project. They are executed in the workshop and assembled on site. They are adjustable, suitable for various panel dimensions.

Wall panels and slabs are run in the full size of the room or in parts, depending on the maximum weight the boom will support. Expanded polystyrene cloths or cellulosic boxes are incorporated into the mold to form a lattice of beams in two directions, which lightens the panel or slab.

It is also possible to lighten pre-moulded partitions and slabs with discs or spheres, the systems can be combined.

The outer panels are constructed with an inner load-bearing layer separated from the outer layer with high-density expanded polystyrene. The link between both layers is made through zigzag steel arranged every meter cutting the insulation only 1cm. This means that there is no thermal bridge and thus ensures the free expansion of the façade exposed to thermal changes, while the inner layer retains a temperature of 20 degrees all year round.

We are, therefore, in the presence of a sustainable system. There are no internal joints in sight. The surfaces are perfectly finished on both sides, with the installations and joinery incorporated from the moment of manufacture on site.


Prenova - Losas sobre pilotines

Slabs on pools

Prenova - Paneles macizos

Solid panles with thermal insulation

Prenova - Losas planas sin vigas

Flat slabs with no beams

Characteristics, Advantages and Sustainability


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