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Olmos Prison

Applied System: On site Precasts
Location: Olmos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2009 – 2010
Area: 10.000 m²

Technical specifications
Built with the PRENOVA system, the prison is done in situ, using the patented system created by Arch. Ricado Levinton.
The sanitary installation is placed on top of the soil; then a lightweigth Prenova slab with spheres is casted. If not, a PRENOVA slab is done over piles on the natural soil that can be used as a natural cast
.Simultaneously the slabs and the façade and interior panels are casted one on top of the other.
These are casted over the foundation pit or one on top of the other in amounts maximum 10 panels, near to the construction site so as to avoid transportation. They are ensambled by crane of al least 18 tons.
The exterior panels consist in: a concrete layer of 10 cm, a Styrofoam layer of 4 cm and an exterior façade layer of 6 cm. The interior panels are made of solid concrete and have a thickness of 12 cm.

The celling panels are similar, although the thickness – from 12 to 20 cm – caries depending on the distance required to span.
The surfaces come out of the cast perfectly polished. The sanitary and electrical installation are included in the casting process. The required working crew is not specialized. 6 hours by m² is the required working time. 2 hours per m² of panel.
The woodwork is placed in the cast. 100 covered m² are done in an 8 hour working day.
The structure is based in a total monolithic composition achieved by the wet enssamblage abd casting of the reinforcement steel bars in the unions is approved by the INPRES, the CAT, the Minvu Chile and considered by CIRSOC and all the world as seismic resistant and conventional, considered therefore a traditional structure.
Prenova prisions are productive. The panels can be done, as an option, in a workshop inside the prision, with the interns as the working crew. In this way present and future working skills are acquired by them.