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1,000,000 m² built

10,000,000 recycled plastic discs and spheres manufactured.
The material used is a waste product that pollutes.
We recycle it to produce the spheres and discs,
these are lost within the mass of the concrete.

Design of reinforced concrete structures without beams, lightened and sustainable

Provides flexibility in the use of spaces. It allows large gapsithout beams and important overhangs. It improves the behavior in seismic zones.

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Prenova is sustainable, it takes care of our world

Every 10,000 m² built, 1000 m3 of concrete are saved, which is equivalent to 220 tons of carbon dioxide that we stopped breathing. Spheres and discs made with recycled material.


During 40 years Ricardo Levinton, an Argentinean architect, studied structural systems found in nature with a particular interest in the structure and composition of bones and skeletons which contain air in their interior.

After several years of research, Ricardo Levinton was able to reproduce these systems and managed to apply them in contemporary construction methods.

With this idea PRENOVA was created, on the basis of technology and innovation applied to architecture, designing and building lightweight and sustainable structures without beams.

With patents granted in America and Europe, the success of this invention became evident when architects, engineers and companies from all over the world applied the system in their projects with great efficiency.

Tecnology and innovation applied to architecture

  • Savings in concrete up to 30%
  • Savings in steel up to 20%
  • Savings in manpower up to 50%

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